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What resolution settings is this site best viewed in?
A screen resolution of 1024 x 768. You will also need to install Flash player, which you can get here if you don't have it.

Can I use photographs and pictures from the site?
Please ask for permission as the graphics are copyrighted by several different people.
Respect their property, as they have been kind enough to share it with you, so don't use their photos without asking first.

I can't see part of the page, what's wrong?
You may be trying to view a part of the page that uses Flash. If you install the Flash player the problem will be rectified.
Update your browser, you can download the latest browser here - Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome

Some of the images or video aren't loading
Many of the pages are graphic intense and dependant on your connection speed can take a while to download.
Either reload the page, or alternatively click the back button of your browser followed by the forward button as this
sometimes works better than reloading. You may also need a flash player or to update your browser (see above).
Movies may be in quicktime

I can't get into some sections and I'm being asked for a password.
Join the John Farnham Fan Club and you will have access to all sections of the website.

How do I make this site my homepage or add it to my favourites?
Full details can be found here

Why this website?
I originally started this website because there was a shortage of information about John on the Internet.
As a long time fan I thought he deserved better than that, so I went about building a website in his honour.

My first John Farnham site began as about 10 pages in 1995. Over the years, with valuable contributions from many people,
Jack's Place has grown to include all aspects of John's career and has become a great resource and meeting place
for fans all over the world.

In 2005 Jack's Place and the Voice Events website merged to become the most comprehensive site with up to date
information about John Farnham to be found anywhere. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

How can I contact the webmaster?

How do I join the Official Fan Club?
You can join the Fan Club here: John Farnham Fan Club

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